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What the heck is CraigCAD?

I'm Craig Colomb, owner of CraigCAD consulting services.. I have over a decade's experience in 3d modeling of residential and commercial structures. Nearly 6 years of this time I was CAD/IT Manager for Timbercraft Homes where I worked with recognized experts like Charles Landau and Ben Brungraber on everything from picnic shelters to hotels, houses to bridges. Now I specialize in customizing and training of both Architectural Desktop and HSB.

This effective software package does not only timberframing but also architectural design, stick framing, SIPS, and anything else you might think up. ADT & HSB are some of the most effective 3d CNC based tools in the industry today.

Architectural Desktop ( now AutoCAD Architecture ) has a deserved reputation of being difficult to learn and complex to implement in a production design office. This complexity is a direct result of it's versatility however, in software there is always a trade-off between ease of use and capability. AutoCAD is also one of the most open platforms in design, and in combination with HSB the designer has an un-paralleled capacity for not only 3d design, but also for customization using several programming languages. HSB also exports to Randek, Hundegger, Weinmann, and other CNC machines in addition to sending data to Excel or Access directly from the AutoCAD model.

You have to learn your software and work within it's capabilities, but it shouldn't dictate your workflow or limit your designs. Your software can learn to work for you, it can be tailored to how you work, to what you're designing. The most effective software is the software written specifically for you.

More about me and contact information for CraigCAD.

Some TSL scripts for U.S. timberframing that I've developed.

ADT tips and utilities.

My Blog, covering both professional and personal projects.

Downloads of TSL and Lisp routines.